Directions From Irwin, PA

Your in the Irwin area, on Route 30, near the exit for the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Your heading towards Jeannette (that's East).

From the Irwin Turnpike ramp, drive exactly 3.2 miles to the 4th traffic light.  At this 4th traffic light, there will be a Duncan Donuts on your right (at the light intersection).  You want to TURN LEFT at this traffic light, to head to downtown Jeannette.

You are now driving down Lowry Avenue. You'll pass a car wash, a DollarTree store, and a BP gas station, all on your right. Just continue driving.  Pass the middle school, go through the traffic light, and then pass DeNunzio's Restaurant. Just stay straight the whole way down Lowry Avenue after making the turn at the light.

Soon after passing DeNunzios Restaurant, the road will make a very sharp left. Just follow the road as it makes this sharp left.

Follow the road and make the 3rd right. This turn is right in front of the Ascension Catholic Church. Bear right on 6th street. Follow 6th Street until the 4th stop sign. At the 4th stop sign, which is just passed the ambulance base, make a left onto Clay Avenue, and park your vehicle.

Colors is in the middle of the block on the left. Parking is on street, and no money is required in the meters.
There is plenty of parking. Rite-Aid & Dollar General each have their own parking lots, so the free street parking is more than enough for us.

Colors Birthday Party Place
we're two blocks down from the Nest Restaurant
we're directly across the street from Rite-Aid pharmacy
we're one block before Dollar General

618 Clay Avenue
Jeannette, PA 15644

(To hear these directions over the phone, call and dial 31,
or dial 21 for the directions by city menu)