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Colors is a hi-energy, hi-tech dance and game birthday party place for kids and teens. Special effects like black lights, strobe lights, colored lights, lasers, robots, smoke, bubbles and more. No one has more special effects on a dancefloor than we do, period.

Whether you are 6 years old or 16, Colors Birthday Party Place has the perfect party package for you. There are two birthday party themes to choose from: ages 6-10, and ages 10-19. Both birthday party themes are two and a half hours long, but birthday parties for kids feature more contests and games.

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Colors Dance Parties - Line Dances

Kids birthday party activities include dancing (disc jockey playing age-appropriate music, dozens of line dances), and access to more contests and games than you've seen in one place before.

Kids birthday parties feature line dances like the Hokey Pokey, the Cha-Cha Slide, the Chicken Dance, the Electric Slide, the Macarena, the Cupid Shuffle, the Cotton Eyed Joe, the YMCA, Jump On It, the Wobble, and many others.. The Hi-Energy atmosphere of Colors and energetic birthday party DJ gets everyone involved, for non-stop dancing and fun. At Colors, even most of the non-dancers dance. And for the birthday party kids that don't, there are thousands of free games on the 9 computer systems each with a 22" screen. There are also chat phones to talk on, free video game stations, and much more.


Birthday party activities, games and contests for the 6-10 age group include the Limbo, Bubble-Gum-Blowing and Cookie-Eating contests, the Maraca Madness game, the Techno Chairs game, the Statue-Freeze Dance contest, hulla-hooping, and more.  The winner of each contest receives party leis, and at the end of the party, whoever is wearing the most number of party leis is declared the party champion.  And of course, between all the games and fun, there are plenty of songs for everyone to sing and dance to. As our parent company Occasions Music also owns a wedding reception DJ company, Acclaimed Entertainment, you can be sure your kids birthday party will have all great musuc. Our DJs has all the great songs to play - we have virtually every song birthday party kids ever heard of - from the oldies to the latest released tunes.

Cookie Eating Contest Birthday Party Contests and Games
CHAT PHONES - Talk Table to Table at Kids Birthday Party Place Everyone knows kids love talking on phones, so we put phones at the tables in Colors. These special phones are called chat phones. Kids can call table to table, and talk all at the same time!  Like a mega-7-way call, with everyone at the same time!   Colors has been doing birthday dance parties since 1996. In all this time we've added a wide variety of items such as these chat phones, talking restrooms, robots inviting guests to eat pizza, free computer game stations, and even a Dinosaurium.  What's a Dinosarium?  Our 73" window back in time to the dinosaurs.  NO ONE IS BORED at kids birthday parties at Colors.  And we do everything for you, parents just sit back and relax. And I mean EVERYTHING!  We'll even have a photographer present the first 90 minutes to take over 100 photos of your party!  And all the photos are displayed on large screens as their being taken.  So there really is nothing for parents to do except to relax..
There are NINE separate computer stations with thousand of video games on them, including Need-For-Speed, Deal-or-no-Deal and Smarter than a 5th-Grader, clear on back to the atari-era games like centipede, pacman and more. The games at Colors are almost endless! Every computer station has the same games, and its own 22-inch large monitor, keyboard and mouse. Colors is very hi-tech, even our bathrooms talk-- well the robots inside talk.  You've got to see the place to believe it.  Colors parent company Occasions Music also owns BizzTech, a Technology design company. This is how our birthday parties for kids have all the custom designed hi-tech stuff, like the best special effects and lighting system you've ever seen on a dancefloor. No one has a dancefloor lighting system like us, the game systems, our photo system, chat phones, or anything else. Everything at Colors birthday party place is  custom designed for us alone. Free Computer and Game Stations for Birthday Parties - Thousand of free games
Leather Couches and fun Family Atmosphere with games everywhere.

Aside from the Nine Computer Video Game Systems, there are also stand-alone video game stations which can be played while relaxing on the bright leather couches. There are also a half-dozen other video games on a Big Screen TV and a music keyboard on which kids can make their own music. Kids love Colors Dance Parties.


We take care of absolutely everything. Parents can actually sit back, relax and watch the kids have fun.  

The following section covers the Parent responsibilities and our prices.

A totally private party at our birthday party place, including 48 slices of pizza, and unlimited drinks, for all your guests, no matter how many you have, including adults, up to 71 people total - costs just $295.  (We only raised the price twice in the past 22 years we’ve been open). The included 48-slices of pizza (4 12-cut pizzas) serve 24-30 guests.  Additional pizzas are just $10 each.

This is a flat rate.  It doesn't matter whether you have 10 guests at the party or 71.  This price covers everything - the room, the DJ, 48-slices of pizza, all the pop everyone can drink, the games, and even cleaning up afterwards. It's a totally private party - just your group, no one else.  We don't charge a per-person fee because Colors was designed 22 years ago as a pro-family place where entire families can be invited. Our mission is to create a private “family and friends” party where everyone can participate and have fun.  (similar to a wedding reception, but centered around the birthday person, and course with all kinds of activities and special effects)

Included in the above price are 4 12-cut pizzas (48-slices), and all the pop guests can drink, for everyone at your party. Pizza is provided exclusively by Fox's Pizza Den, and you can even bring in your own additional food and snacks (imagine that).

So that the parents and all adults can truly sit back and spend time with family, we provide a young volunteer to lead the birthday party activities, teach the line dances, and run the contests & games.  Your volunteer will also serve the pizza and cake (while wearing white gloves), and even organize the opening of the gifts(writing it all down).  

To make absolutely certain parents can sit back and relax, we even provide a dedicated photographer.  They will TAKE OVER 100 PHOTOS during the first 90 minutes of the party.  Photos will be taken of the family, birthday person, and then the limbo, the cookie and bubble-gum blowing contests, dancing, singing Happy Birthday, and more.  The photos are edited by a third person in real-time. Here's the best part:  As we take the photos, they are immediately(10-30 seconds later due to editing)  projected on to the multiple video screens throughout the room (one is 8 feet wide)  for all the parents and kids to see.  The slide shows of the photos we take continuously scroll on the screens throughout the entire party.  As we take new photos, they are added to the slide show automatically for everyone to enjoy.  Before the end of the party all these photos are uploaded to the past party facebook page, so when parents go home they can download their favorite photos of their kids FOR FREE.   If you haven't yet been to our past party photo page, go to it by clicking here.  To date we have sent over 650,000 photos of our parties to facebook.  At the end of your party, you can visit that site to download (or share via facebook with your friends) any or all of your over 100 party photos.    To save time downloading all your photos, you may choose to purchase (from us) a USB flash drive with all of your party photos on it at the end of the party, the cost is just $20.  Additional USB drives of the photos (for grandparents, treat bags, etc) are just $10 each.   Keep in mind that if you purchase a USB drive, the photos will still be on the past party facebook page for other parents to download their kids photos.   Also keep in mind that it is NOT necessary to purchase a USB drive, this is just an option that will be offered to you at the end of your party.  You can always download your photos FOR FREE after your party from home.

The only item you need to bring with you to the party is a cupcake birthday cake.  If you choose to have an actual cake that needs cut instead of a cupcake cake, be sure to (1) bring a knife, as we don't have knives in the building, and (2) let us know so we can have an older volunteer present who is permitted to use a knife.  We also recommend cupcake birthday cakes to save more time for dancing.

We don't require any money down to book your party, you just pay at the end of the party with a personal check or cash. If you'd like to pay with a credit card, payment must be made in advance online, or on your phone at the party place.

Pizza and drinks are served one hour into the party, and from that time on drinks stay up. Drinks are unlimited. How is that for value? Try and find a birthday party place with unlimited drinks.

SAFETY RESPONSIBILITY: Keep in mind that while it is our job to entertain the birthday party kids, it is YOUR JOB to make sure the kids are safe and behaved. We are NOT a daycare. You must ensure you have enough parents to watch over all of your guests - this is your party and you are totally responsible for anything that could happen to any of your guests.  Again, we will handle all the games, contests and dances, photos, and gifts, but you are responsible for everyone’s safety.  Colors is designed for older kids, 6 & up - It’s not equipped with bumpers or soft rubber edges. While we do not recommend you have kids under the age of 6 in the facility, that decision is up to you – you may invite anyone of any age, just please understand that you are totally responsible for their safety, as well as everyone else.  We designed Colors to be one room with no walls so everyone can always see everyone else, but nevertheless, you should insure that you have enough parents to adequately supervise the kids. As far as contests and games, of course everyone, including adults, is welcome to join in. It’s your party; you can do whatever you wish there—as you are responsible.

Decorations and Atmosphere:  Colors is strictly a Party Center designed for birthday parties for kids, so it's already decorated.  There is no need for you to bring decorations. The tables all have bright colored coverings. The walls are all brightly colored and are decorated. The Ceilings are covered with hundreds of lights and special effects such as smoke, bubbles, lasers, strobes, beams and more. The carpets are a confetti pattern.  The entire 40 foot wall on the dance and activities floor is covered with mirrors - kids love watching themselves dance.

People are constantly telling us how their kids birthday party was the best and most organized party they've attended. Call today and make your next party the talk of the town....