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Nothing has changed since the last update:   Colors is still open.

We are open for scheduling parties, as well as for already scheduled ones. Colors only offers private parties: only one family(+friends) in the building at a time, so from a safety perspective, it's similar to having the party in your own home.

What we changed due to Covid-19:

(1) Max 2 parties per day now(instead of 4), permits extra cleaning.
(2) Only have a staff of 2 or 3 persons in the building each day.
(3) Allow cancellations until the day before party, & no deposit req.
(4) State-of-the-art UVC disinfecting system  (details below).
(5) Governor's limit still permits up to 71 people per Colors party.

We also did lots of other things, such as replacing the chat-phones with models not having keypads making them easier to clean. Being a Christian Youth Center, we've always provided hand-sanitizer for guests, had our volunteers wear gloves while serving cake and pizza, and of course cleaned well between parties. We're now holding a maximum of just two private party per day. So we're open for 5 hours per day and closed the remaining 19. This allows more time for cleaning as well as more time for any remaining virus to die off. But the big reason for us limiting to two parties per day is for the UVC disinfecting system we utilize. The new stronger unit we installed also runs with the entire building empty of people and even plants. (It's so strong it even kills plants left in the room!) This is a light-based disinfection, similar to a microwave oven in that after the cleaning, nothing is left; so it's totally safe. It only operates when the building is unoccupied. It's not a cheap LED UVC light, it's a professional intense quartz based system that won't even activate when people are in the building.  It can only turn on when the building is empty and the security system is armed. It works by causing lesions in DNA and RNA preventing replication (this is why it can't operate with anything alive in sight).  If you're interested in learning more about it, a link is provided in the bottom left of this webpage.  But continuing, we place the hulla-hoops, maracas, and other difficult to clean items out on the dancefloor while it does its thing. The only downside is that doing only one party per day restricts us to only 7 parties per week, so dates sometimes fill up fast.

As it always was and still is, every Colors party is totally private, so from a safety perspective it's like having the party in your own home. Colors was designed 24 years ago around the concept of celebrating a birthday in a similar way as a fun wedding reception bringing families closer together. This is why parties include line dances and activities parents and family members of all ages would want to do together. 
This is especially important to remember in view of the current pandemic.  Most party places are for the kids, and parents "wait it out", not Colors!  The entire premise of Colors was to make a place where parents celebrate "with the kids" and participate with them.   You know how at weddings people say "we never see each other except at weddings and funerals?"   That's why Colors was designed. Everyone has a birthday, and it's a great excuse for the family to get together. We've held over 11,000 parties at Colors so far, and half of them have had more adults present than kids, and we like that!  Family is what we're all about.

Our prices and services remain unchanged:  Colors has NOT added any covid surcharges. We have NOT increased our prices over the past 10 years, and we won't start now when money is tighter than ever for families.  Our added costs of doing business are NOT being passed down to customers.  It has always been of great importance to us to keep Colors as affordable as possible so that more families can celebrate birthdays together.

Colors is a place that even if you invite just family, 
everyone, not just the kids, has a wonderful experience.
 If you're not familiar with Colors, see this past weekend's
party photos on Facebook, as well as recent reviews.
(our 350,000+ facebook photos are located here)



To reach a person specifically regarding Covid19, you can
 write to us at Covid19@ColorsParty.com, or call and use extension 41.

LiveScience.com article on UVC light:   CLICK HERE